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Just because a woman is old don’t for a second think they are not horny. I have found some of the horniest women around are well past 50 years old. A lot of them still love masturbating too when they can’t get the real thing. I like to think I am helping an old granny out when I let her have a suck on my dick or ride it haha.

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Here’s a set of pictures of a naughty older blonde having some fun in her bedroom after a long day. She plays with her boobs for us before taking her panties off and playing with her old pussy. First she uses just her fingers then moves onto her sex toys. At her age she knows just how to tickles the right spots to make herself squirt.

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I really liked the fantasy setting in this video from 60 Plus MILFs. It stars the very sexy Rita Daniels who reminds me a little of the first manager I had when I was in my first job. She was quite old but always dressed very well and she exuded a sensuality and confidence. I wanted to bang her but it never happened. Seeing Rita is similar business attire took me back to those days for a second.

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She has a couple of horny younger office boys who want a piece of her hot ass. She looks amazingly hot in those thigh length stockings and garters and her old fashioned panties had me wanting to just bury my face in her ass cleavage.

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When I was in my early teens I used to play a lot of tennis. At the center I would play at they also had a fitness center with glass walls. I soon discovered there were certain sessions where a lot of older women would do aerobics. This was like heaven for me as I was already more attracted to sexy old ladies than girls my age.

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I would sit in the cafe area right next to the gym and get a real eyeful of these women in their tight spandex or lycra shorts. Granted it was nowhere near as revealing as the workout these grannies are doing in these video clips but it sure gave me plenty of wank material.

These clips here are from a really hot video that Mature NL put out recently. It’s a fly on the wall sort of movie as we watch on as several sexy old ladies do some nude aerobics. As always see their site to find out how to get the full HD movie.

I was waiting in line at the check out at the super market the other day. In front of me was an elderly lady of around sixty or late fifties maybe. She was wearing these black lycra tights that were quite thin.

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As she started unloading her cart I helped myself to a good look at this grannies sexy ass. You could clearly see her panty line through the thin fabric and she had a nice thick butt. As she bent right over to reach the bottom of the cart I had to fight getting a raging boner. I just wanted to yank those pants down and bury my cock between her plump cheeks.

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Similarly the cute old lady in these pictures has just the same type of bum. Nice and plump and it looks soft. I’d love to get this naughty grandma into a 69 position and have that ass and elderly pussy grinding my face.

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Man would I like to be a fly on the wall at this day spa for women. It is frequented by a bevy of sexy older ladies who get naked together for a day of health and socializing. There are all sorts of activities for them here with a sauna, spa, baths, massage tables, showers and pools. Needless to say I really enjoyed watching the video of this episode from Mature NL!

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There is a big variety of different old ladies to perv on as they undress and enjoy the facilities. I was thinking how nice it would be to work at this place! Although my constant erection might get noticed haha!

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Beautiful Chanel Carrera is a very popular older pornstar. She appeals to a lot of guys I think because she has that classy best friends mom type of vibe about her. I certainly have a buddy who has a mother in her fifties I would kill to nail. I used to jerk off to her non-stop as a teen and even know 15 years on she is still an extremely sexy woman.

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If I could do the things to her this lucky prick is doing to Chanel I would die happy… then again I might die if my buddy found out I ate his mom’s pussy out haha! it might just be worth it though.

After he burries his tongue in that sweet milf pussy he takes lifts her legs and sticks his cock deep inside her moist slit and fucks her. She fondles her freckle covered breasts while he pounds away and waits for him to blast her face with cum.

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This lady may not be a granny but I find her so damn sexy I had to post these pictures of her. Her name is Venice Knight and she sure has that pretty mom look I love. Actually truth be told I think the reason I find her so attractive is she reminds me a whole lot of friend of mines mother. Haha I have always had a thing for her and saw her just yesterday when I went around to his place. She is just such a sensuous women and still has a lovely naturally voluptuous figure.

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Whenever I spend any amount of time speaking to her she makes me hard. If only she she knew how how many times I have jerked off to her. What I would give to see my best friends mom naked and to then make love to her slowly.

I value my friendship with him way to much to ever try it on with her. I doubt she would go for it anyway so I make do with spanking off to her. Anyway I am glad I found these pics of Venice as I can further indulge my hot mom fantasy through her videos which you can find at Anilos along with many more sexy mature women.

One the best experiences I have ever had with an old woman was in a sauna. Back when I lived in a luxury apartment complex I was using the sauna rather late at night. One of the elderly female residents came in and was about to leave seeing it was occupied. I told her to come join me and after some convincing she came on in. She was a sexy old rich granny that lived two floors above me. She was a bit self conscious as she removed her towel. I stared at her lovely body in her modest swimsuit.

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I joked with her I was naked under my towel. I then flirted with her suggesting she slip her swimsuit off too. I couldn’t believe my luck when she did! I seized the moment and slipped my towel off to let her see my big raging hard cock. I pressed up against her thin body and kissed her all over her neck before tongue kissing her mouth. Things are bit hazy after that but I soon had my cock in the old ladies mouth and was receiving a nice gummy blowjob. I fucked her too right there on the bench. I even cum inside her I got so turned on by her. She didn’t mind and it was not like I was going to get her pregnant.

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